With over 20 years experience, we specialise in expertly guided birding trips to the best localities in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Our guides have an intimate knowledge of the habits and habitats of Bornean birds to ensure the best possible viewing opportunities.

The emphasis of our trips is to see as wide a range of Bornean birds as possible - particularly the sought-after endemics - but we believe in quality observations rather than rushing from site to site. Birding in tropical forests is unpredictable and there are often periods of low bird activity, but patience and determination are usually rewarded. Pheasants, trogons, pittas and wren-babblers do not give themselves up easily, but a combination of stealth, awareness and a bit of good fortune often lead to unforgettable encounters. In some localities, we work closely with other lodge-based guides to access the places where target species are most likely.

A typical day includes a very early wake-up, with breakfast before 6am, in order to make the most of the prime birding time: 6am to 9am. Most birds become less active as the day warms up, but deep-forest dwellers may still forage in their shady habitat, while nectivores and fruiteaters can be busy throughout the day. Midday is usually a time to rest up and enjoy a delicious lunch. Late afternoon is time to get out onto the trails or boats again, and we often undertake night excursions in search of owls, frogmouths and nightjars.

Accommodation and meals are of the highest standards available in the best birding localities with friendly lodge staff and efficient transportation at all times. On our package tours we take a maximum of 8 birders to ensure that everyone's needs and interests can be met. You will join like-minded people from all corners of the world.