The Birds of Borneo

Borneo is the world's third largest island and is home to an astonishing diversity of tropical life, including 688 bird species of which 59 are endemic, being found nowhere else. The island is shared by the three nations of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, with endemic species being concentrated in the Malaysian state of Sabah. Not only does Sabah have superb birds, it also has the best infrastructure and the most accessible conservation areas in Borneo.Our tours, therefore, concentrate on the finest birding habitats in Sabah.

In recent years, Sabah has attracted growing numbers of international birdwatchers who come to see, observe and photograph the amazing variety of both colourful and cryptic species. Many birders travel with international tour operators, but we have been running successful ecotours in Sabah for 20 years with our local guides, and operate the internationally-recognised Sukau Rainforest Lodge on the Kinabatangan River.


Straddling the equator, the rainforests of Borneo are the oldest and most complex on Earth. More tree species occur in just a few hectares of Lowland Dipterocarp Forest than on the entire North American continent! There is an equally diverse range of invertebrates, frogs, reptiles and mammals so the visiting birder will see a variety of extraordinary wildlife in addition to birds.

In contrast to the hot lowlands, the majestic Mount Kinabalu and adjacent Crocker Range are cloaked in cool cloud forests that support a completely different avifauna including numerous endemic bird species that are common and easily seen. Coastal areas and offshore islands support their own range of birds and time spent in these habitats will add significantly to the species counted in forests.

We look forward to revealing the wonder of Borneo's birds to you. Join one of our exciting package tours, or let us know your individual needs (and most desired birds) and we will put together a unique customised tour for you.


Our Localities

We strive to offer the best birding in terms of diversity and viewing, so our package tours focus on the best-known and most accessible birding localities in Sabah. In these exciting destinations we have the best chances of finding the endemics and regional specials, and the trail networks provide optimum viewing opportunities.

For custom-tours we can venture into lesser–known areas where unexpected sightings are more likely.